Building a business is difficult.  Business owners face a myriad of laws and regulations, soaring health care costs, pandemics, thorny social issues, rapidly changing technology, high taxes, the time consuming and exhausting process of getting the funding you need to grow your business and the perpetual task of finding and retaining the right employees.

Question for you:

While you are busy putting out fires and taking care of everybody else’s needs (your shareholders, your employees, your vendors, your clients, your family), who is busy watching your back, taking care of you and finding ways to make your life easier?

Just curious. 

Because that’s what we do.  And we’d love to do that for you.

Our job is to take stuff off your plate (such as saving you time every year by getting all the tax info from your various investments and getting it over to your tax accountant on time and brainstorming with your CPA every year as to any new tax planning opportunities that may be appropriate to help you save more money on taxes).

At a high level, we help our business owner clients by:

  1. Directly using our financial planning and investment expertise for your benefit
  2. Coordinating with others on your team (CPA, insurance agent et cetera)
  3. Quarterbacking solutions with outside experts to address key issues that arise

Additional business-owner-relevant areas in which we have insight and experience: 

  1. Tax strategy
  2. Due diligence (background checks, social media checks) on potential business partners or potential investments that you are considering
  3. Sourcing and negotiating bank financing for real estate
  4. Advising on financing / funding strategies
  5. Corporate 401k plans
  6. Corporate wellness plans
  7. Corporate philanthropy
  8. Corporate health care cost sharing plans
  9. Key man insurance for buy sell agreements
  10. Exit planning / business succession

If you’d like a team that saves you time and ensures that your personal finances are being proactively managed and attended to – give us a call and let’s get to know one another better to see if there’s a fit. 

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