We are different.  And each of you are different.  This is why one of the most important things we do is listen.  We listen intently, knowing that each of you have unique needs, your own feelings, life stories and goals.

How are we different?

We lead with our heart: not with reams of numbers, long presentations, not with suits and ties, not with fancy offices, and not with advanced financial terms; and we speak plainly.

We also define 'wealth' differently.  We believe that true wealth is lived at the intersection of health, wealth and purpose.  For things that can be purchased there is no substitute for money.  For this reason we are passionate about investing, tax planning and anything that helps you protect and grow your assets.  But, if you or a loved one have ever struggled with illness or difficult relationships, you understand that money is not everything.

Likewise, fast red toys (admittedly fun) and retail therapy of all flavors are no substitute for the fulfillment that comes from knowing why you are here, what you are meant to be doing and how you can make a lasting difference; we call this purpose.

You know what gets us fired up?  Making a positive impact (on lives, not spreadsheets).

We punch way above our weight.  Our size gives us the ability to be agile.  And the 100+ years of wealth management experience on our team enables us to compete side by side with the largest firms.  We deliver big city expertise but with small town values.

Last but not least, we believe:

  1. ...simplicity is mission critical (clients want us to make their lives easier, not more complex)
  2. ...in mutual accountability (it keeps things real and helps our clients and us reach our highest potential)
  3. ...in having fun along the way! (we love what we do -- so why not have some fun together?)

Enough about us.

We want to know more about you. Give us a call today and tell us how we can make a difference for you and your loved ones this year.