National Wealth Partners, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor ("RIA").  We are not a broker.  As you may know, brokers make their money by selling investments that generate commission income, which creates a conflict of interest for you.

By contrast, as an RIA we are required to put your interests first (legally this is called a "fiduciary duty").  In practical terms, this means that we get paid by you and not the product.  We do not earn a commission on the securities we select for your investment portfolio and therefore you never have to worry about “being sold."  

Simply put: we advocate solutions because they advance your life goals.  We believe that putting you first is sound business: if we help you, you will feel good about helping us and introducing us to friends of yours.  We consider you both our client and partner, which inspired our choice of name: National Wealth Partners.

We are compensated for the advice and expertise we provide by:

  1. Financial Planning fees
  2. Investment Management fees

Disclosure: we strive to make sure you understand all the expenses, the material risks as well as any actual or apparent conflicts of interest that may exist.  All advisors are required to fill out a disclosure form called "Form-ADV" -- click here to get the Form-ADV for National Wealth Partners, LLC and please reach out to us with any questions you may have about National Wealth Partners, LLC.