FIRE is a powerful motivator for many people today.

FIRE stands for FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE and RETIRE EARLY.  In short: what would you need to do to retire early at 30? at 40?

“Purpose” matters to all of us, but especially to younger generations who get fired up (like most of us) when they belong to a team that is making a difference or solving an important problem facing the community.

Since big firms often don’t “get it" many people today are focusing on FIRE.  They are asking themselves questions like these:

  1. “How much money do I need so that I can fade my boss and do something I feel lit up about?” (pun intended), or
  2.  “At what level of cash flow are all my needs met, giving me the freedom to pursue projects that I’m passionate about?”, or
  3. “What helps support my goal of FIRE — renting or buying?”  Financial independence buys you the freedom to do what you want to do and on your timeframe!

Retire Early reflects the feeling that life is short and is meant to be lived now.  Why wait until you turn 65 to live life?

Do you ever wake up in the morning craving “traditional retirement planning?”  No! Yawn!!  But who doesn't crave the freedom that comes with FIRE?  How would FIRE change your life?  Or the lives around you?

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