Investment Strategy


Our investment strategies can be divided into three broad categories: Cash Flow, Growth, and Aggressive Growth.  National Wealth Partner LLC ("NWP") concentrates on “upside capture” investment strategies that seek to generate portfolio growth and returns that are greater than the respective market benchmarks, while actively managing the downside.

Steps We Take to Minimize Portfolio Risk While Generating Returns:

  • Clients have their own unique expectations and risk profile. In order to create an investment approach that is suited to each client’s needs, we provide a selection of both tactical and fully invested strategies.

  • High-quality investment grade bonds are often included in portfolios to reduce risk and drawdowns.

  • Research has shown that various asset classes provide significantly different results dependent upon where we are in market and economic cycles.  We believe that understanding these cycles provides an important investment reference point.

  • For many of our investment strategies, our Investment Committee uses a variety of technical, fundamental, macro economic valuation and sentiment indicators as tools in a “top-down” approach.  This helps us make better decisions regarding the allocation of Client monies between various securities and asset classes.  Once we have made the decision regarding asset allocation, we then evaluate the particular securities and ETFs from a “bottom-up” perspective.

  • Our experience and research has taught us that, by placing an emphasis on growth with an eye on preservation of capital in drawn out down markets, investors can typically achieve their financial goals.

Tactical vs. Fully Invested: NWP Uses Both

NWP offers a dual approach to navigating multiple markets, understanding that each approach may perform better or worse depending on where we are in the market cycle.  Tactical strategies utilize moving averages, price and volume data, cash, and cash equivalents in periods of declining markets and aim to outperform over the market cycle.  Fully Invested strategies stay invested at all times, regardless of overall market risks and typically outperform in upward sloping markets. We utilize both approaches.

We design and implement our clients’ strategies with care, research, and deliberation.  In the pursuit of absolute returns, we also utilize outside investment managers who are both fundamentally and tactically based. We further reduce volatility with strategic asset allocation, investing across multiple asset classes and global markets. We often utilize active strategies in more inefficient markets and passive strategies in more efficient markets.  We also diligently manage our clients’ portfolios with regular and disciplined rebalancing.

The bottom line is this: we will work with you to provide the best investment approach to match your desired level of risk and drawdown.