Asking a financial planner if you need a financial plan is a bit like asking a barber if you need a haircut.  We get that.  At the same time, we can tell you from working with clients over the years that those that plan ahead almost always come out ahead.  Those that procrastinate or fail to plan at all, tend to get caught by life's curve balls and often pay the steep price of regret when their money is diminished by preventable means.  To avoid financial drama in any of the following areas of your life landscape, planning is vital for:

  1. Selling your business (useful to start preparing five years in advance)
  2. Getting married
  3. Having children 
  4. Inheritance issues
  5. Aging parents (Elder Care)
  6. Divorce (always best to do financial planning beforehand)
  7. High net worth (estate tax issues)
  8. Special needs children
  9. Specific legacy goals
  10. Commitment to Philanthropy

Which of these apply to you or your family?  Are there other circumstances that might make planning a wise choice?  Get started today.  For a 50% discount on hourly planning fees, you can join the The Planning Club or automatically qualify for a 50% per hour discount and a number of included hours when you become an investment management client with a minimum account size of $1,000,000.