Think gym membership for your wallet, but on a bigger scale at the intersection of life coaching and financial wellness. 


The Planning Club™ is revolutionary:

  1. Quickly put in place a basic and actionable financial plan (not 80-page binders that sit on a shelf gathering dust).

  2. Get access to a senior financial planner throughout the year who can answer any questions that arise.

  3. Potentially save thousands of dollars (some firms charge $5,000-$50,000 a year for full-service financial planning) by using a pay-as-you-need-it model like ours.

Watch this short video to get a flavor for what you'll get as a Member of The Planning Club™! (Click HERE)

The Planning Club™ works especially well for:

  1. Folks starting out who want more sophistication than a DIY app and want to access the expertise in bite-sized chunks without having to make a big commitment.

  2. Individuals or families in their 40s or 50s who are in the asset accumulation mode that periodically have complex planning needs but usually have periods of low planning need and prefer paying on an as-needed basis.

  3. High net worth clients that want to explore a deeper advisory relationship without any pressure to commit upfront to using our Investment Advisory Services.

Benefits For The Planning Club™ Members:

  1. A personalized financial plan that addresses: how much do I need for my retirement? How much do I need to be saving and investing each month to reach my goal?

  2. A risk-assessment to help you gauge what level of investment risk is appropriate for you, which then impacts how you invest

  3. Asset allocation advice for your 401(k) | 403(b) plan so that it is consistent with your financial plan (we do this in the initial planning meeting and update that with you once a year on your plan update call)

  4. Access to an experienced financial planner (one of us, whose backgrounds you can look at so you know who you are getting) by phone or email to ask questions on any financial planning or investment need that arises during the year - Basic Plan members get 30 bonus minutes a year of private consultation via phone to ask anything you'd like and can purchase more time as needed and Premier members get 5 bonus hours per year.

  5. The basis of the planning fees is to provide an annual 30-minute plan-review for Basic Plan members to ensure it is kept up to date (this is a critical aspect of financial planning that often gets overlooked - key to keep your plan current). Premier Plan members get up to two hours.

  6. Periodic membership-wide webinars where you can ask questions

  7. 100% Money Back Guarantee the first 60 days

Learn More: What you need to know about being part of The Planning Club™ (Click HERE)