Privacy Policy Statement


At National Wealth Partners, our top priority is to protect your privacy through our policies, commitment and actions. We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information. This Privacy Policy Statement is intended to help you understand how we use the information we collect from you and the limited circumstances under which we may disclose portions of the information to others.

During the ordinary course of business, we gather, utilize and maintain information about you so that we may effectively provide financial planning and investment management services to help you achieve your goals. This includes:

  • Information we receive from you such as your home address, social security number, telephone numbers, date of birth etc. are obtained to open an account and provide effective services to you.
  • Information that we receive from third parties such as your accountant, CPA or the custodians of your personal assets.  We may also receive this information directly from you.

At National Wealth Partners, we have established a secure working environment to protect your privacy.  Our computers are locked with encrypted password protection. We work with best of class providers in data storage, compliance and technology services to further fulfill our privacy standards to our clients. All paper documentation is shredded immediately after use.  In fact, we encourage that documents be provided electronically through a secure vault.

Sharing personal information with our employees

We have established procedures to limit employee access to your personal information. Any information shared within our firm is on a strict need to know basis. Security and confidentiality procedures are written in the form of a manual that every employee is required to read and sign their acceptance.

Your personal information is shared only upon your personal acceptance or as required by law

We do not share any personal information about our clients with anyone outside of our company without the client’s prior written approval, except as required by law. We also require that those whom we share such information keep it confidential. Those instances where personal information may be shared on a limited basis include:

  • Disclosures to companies who are the custodians of your assets or investment managers we jointly hire. This is required to gather and share account opening information to them.
  • Disclosures in response to a subpoena or under limited situations as required by law.
  • Disclosures to technology consultants who help us maintain and encrypt our computer and accounting systems.

National Wealth Partners agrees to never, under any circumstances, sell any personal information about our clients to anyone. Our company was built on trust and we take every precaution to maintain our client’s trust. Our promise is to provide client privacy with a purpose and our strict privacy policies have been created to protect our clients’ and their confidential information.


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