We refer to "Asset Protection" as being the various ways we work with clients to protect their human and financial capital.  Clients use us to help identify, evaluate and mitigate a variety of risks, often employing outside experts when necessary.  Common risks include:

  1. Cyber security (what if everyone could see everything on your phone/PC?)
  2. Identity theft (made easier the more active you are online)
  3. Reputational risks (important of doing background checks)
  4. Lawsuits arising from the fact that you have wealth (in business or accident)
  5. Premature death and resulting financial burden for surviving loved ones
  6. Risk of bad health and insurance related issues (both health and life)
  7. Risk of weather related uninsured property losses
  8. Risk of your medical wishes not being known or followed

If there are some risks that particularly worry you that you would like help with, let us know.